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Near North Apartments
August 10, 2009, 6:35 pm
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Located near the former site of Cabrini Green, Near North Apartments is a single room occupancy building that has dedicated half of its 96, 250 sq foot units to the homeless and disabled.  Helmut Jahn designed the SRO to have reduced operating costs by taking advantage of solar and wind energy and through the utilization of water runoff. The eight turbines, designed at the University of Illinois, with the city-donated photovoltaics are expected to generate 15% of the total building power.  Furthermore, runoff is collected in an underground cistern and used for flushing toilets and irrigation.  USG, a construction material supplier for the project, will be monitoring energy savings on the structure in the future.  They are expecting a total energy savings of 22% and a 16 to 18 year payback.1





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