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Environ Biocomposites Dakota Burl
December 30, 2009, 4:12 pm
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Environ Biocomposites, located in Mankato, Minnesota, produces environmentally friendly alternatives to wood composite boards.  They use recycled materials and renewable agricultural resources to produce their beautiful and distinctive material options.

Dakota Burl, which utilizes the raw material of sunflower hulls, is made of 84% rapidly renewable and recycled content and is harvested within 250 miles (500 mile maximum) of Mankato, where it is manufactured.  This makes Dakota Burl a regional, recycled, and rapidly renewable material, assisting a project earn LEED credits under Materials and Resources.

Dakota Burl is also manufactured with a urethane based resin rather than a urea formaldehyde system utilizing no off-gassing solvents and emitting no VOCs into the atmosphere.  This helps a project earn LEED Indoor Environmental Quality credits.

Dakota Burl can be cut, sanded, and routed with traditional wood working tools and stained to change the materials appearance.  It is manufactured in four foot by eight foot panels and comes in ½”, ¾”, and 1” thicknesses.  It is intended for indoor horizontal and vertical surfaces including cabinetry, furniture, and architectural applications.

For additional information or to request a sample, visit Environ Biocomposites website at