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Environ Biocomposites Biofiber Wheat
December 28, 2009, 3:30 pm
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Environ Biocomposites, located in Mankato, Minnesota, produces environmentally friendly alternatives to wood composite boards.  They use recycled materials and renewable agricultural resources to produce their beautiful and distinctive material options.

Biofiber Wheat can be cut, sanded, and routed with traditional wood working tools and stained to change the materials appearance.  It is manufactured in four foot by eight foot panels and comes in ½”, ¾”, and 1” thicknesses.  It is intended for indoor horizontal and vertical surfaces including cabinetry, furniture, and architectural applications.

Biofiber Wheat, which utilizes the raw material of wheat straw, a waste-product of the grain industry, is made of 94% rapidly renewable and recycled content and is harvested within 250 miles (500 mile maximum) of Mankato, where it is manufactured.  This makes Biofiber Wheat a regional, recycled, and rapidly renewable material, assisting a project earn LEED credits under Materials and Resources.

Biofiber Wheat is also manufactured with a urethane based resin rather than a urea formaldehyde system utilizing no off-gassing solvents and emitting no VOCs into the atmosphere.  This helps a project earn LEED Indoor Environmental Quality credits.

Biofiber Wheat is so green that it actually has a negative contribution to global warming offsetting the environmental impacts associated with harvesting, manufacturing, and transportation of the product.  Biofiber Wheat was evaluated with the BEES® (Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability) software which calculates and compares a product’s environmental impact from raw material harvest, manufacturing and processing, shipping, use, and disposal.  The lower the score, the less impact a product has on our environment.  A negative score occurs because more carbon dioxide is removed during the wheat’s growth cycle than is produced during the harvest and manufacturing of the product.

Other wheat products manufactured by Environ Biocomposites include the Microstrand Wheat, a line of industrial grade materials replacing particleboard and plywood applications, and the msDor Core, a product line of non-rated and fire-rated door core panels.

For additional information or to request a sample, visit Environ Biocomposites website at